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Workers’ Compensation

Worker's CompensationAt Bloomington Bone & Joint Clinic and Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana injured workers always receive world-class medical, surgical and therapeutic care.

Our Physicians are dedicated to the efficient restoration active lifestyles. They provide accurate diagnoses, best treatment and rapid return to work. When physical restrictions are medically necessary our Physicians help to facilitate the injured workers' stay at work or return to work light-duty.

When indicated, our Physicians will articulate distinctions between what is work-related and what is pre-existing or health-related. They'll evaluate acute and cumulative trauma versus an injured workers job description and determine causation. In situations involving an aggravation to a pre-existing condition our Physicians will return the patient to their pre-injury status, declare MMI and rate and release. When indicated PPI ratings will be apportioned and discounted to reflect what is pre-existing.

In addition to providing accurate diagnoses, best treatment and rapid return to work, we provide superior IME's, 2nd Opinions, Peer Reviews, Impairment Ratings, Causation Opinions and Utilization Review.

Our in-house Therapists provide superior OT and custom orthotic fabrication. We have a team of certified hand professionals in our Carmel, Bloomington and satellite offices. The Bloomington office also offers superior on-site PT.

In Bloomington we have full x-ray facilities and the highest quality MRI technology available. Our MRI analysts are Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Fellowship Trained. Reports will reference whether injury is "acute," "chronic" or "indeterminate." We also network with One Call Medical, Diatri/MDM, Genex, Diagnostics Plus, Cypress Care and Absolute Solutions.

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Worker's Compensation

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